How to mock ASP.NET Core Identity?

How to mock ASP.NET Core Identity?

I was having a bit of issue when I tried to test my class which needs UserManager<ApplicationUser> object and RoleManager<IdentityRole> object in constructor method. Both classes are from new membership system called ASP.NET Core Identity. You can learn more from Introduction to Identity on ASP.NET Core

When I first googled for my problem, some people use Fake class to test their method which results with more classes in unit test project to maintain. I rather try to avoid that.

The solution that I have used Moq for .NET mocking framework. Without creating fake class, I can instantiate a Mock object by passing in mocked arguments into the intended type contructor method.

Please see example below:

var mockUserManager = new Mock<UserManager<ApplicationUser>>(
                    new Mock<IUserStore<ApplicationUser>>().Object,
                    new Mock<IOptions<IdentityOptions>>().Object,
                    new Mock<IPasswordHasher<ApplicationUser>>().Object,
                    new IUserValidator<ApplicationUser>[0],
                    new IPasswordValidator<ApplicationUser>[0],
                    new Mock<ILookupNormalizer>().Object,
                    new Mock<IdentityErrorDescriber>().Object,
                    new Mock<IServiceProvider>().Object,
                    new Mock<ILogger<UserManager<ApplicationUser>>>().Object);

return mockUserManager.Object;
var mockRoleManager = new Mock<RoleManager<IdentityRole>>(
                    new Mock<IRoleStore<IdentityRole>>().Object,
                    new IRoleValidator<IdentityRole>[0],
                    new Mock<ILookupNormalizer>().Object,
                    new Mock<IdentityErrorDescriber>().Object,
                    new Mock<ILogger<RoleManager<IdentityRole>>>().Object);

return mockRoleManager.Object;

As observed above, ASP.NET Identity's UserManager<TUser> takes quite a number of parameters if you look at the class definition. And there is no parameterless constructor in UserManager<TUser>, otherwise, you will have an error message saying Could not find a parameterless constructor. like I did when trying to instantiate this class without constructor parameters. By the way, I was using Castle Windsor for Inversion of Control (IOC) container for my unit testing project for injecting required arguments into contructor methods.

So by using Mocked object from Moq, I would be able to use Mock<UserManager<TUser>().Setup(x => ...).Return(...) in all my test methods.

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