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In the wake of ever changing technology, there are still lot of new technical knowledge that programmers need to grasp. In short, it’s essential for programmers having this capability of quickly grasping new knowledge as it will determine their level of career development and outlook. The most important and fundamental skillset for programmers are learning ability and ability to analyze and solve problems.

No one really wants to be junior programmer forever, it doesn’t feel comfortable being treated as junior programmer, those juniors will always work hard for the next upper level. Once becoming a domain expert, it’s very likely that he will be able to move on to other big and famous companies, however, to become an expert it’s not an easy task, one has to work harder than the rest, and eventually, earning a certain reputation in the field.

As a junior programmer, most of his work is under the arrangement of others. This is the first phase where junior programmer begins at which is also the elementary stage. If one doesn’t seek to improve technical skill level, one will lose competitiveness. As it’s never too old to learn, how to improve oneself as a programmer?

What is the development level for programmer?

1st level: Senior programmer, senior software engineer, technical lead

As senior programmer, senior software engineer, codes will work just fine as long as he has fulfilled requirements. However, as project manager, beside trying to understand client’s requirements, most of time, he has to set out his own ideas on a project. Under normal circumstances, some of his ideas together with functionality may provide a better user experience. Due to client’s limited knowledge on certain domains, it’s not easy to get constructive requirement from them. Thus, as project manager, during requirement analysis, he should look for opportunity to propose his own ideas to the client. Having this skill will help to have a career breakthrough.

2nd level: Technical expert, software architect, manager

After becoming very skillful programmer, there will be a small group of people base on this technical skill advantage to gain a higher level of programmer, such as technical expert, software architect, manager, etc. People who has achieved this stage are normally having outstanding talent, able to le a successful team, has decision making power on important technical direction, has gone beyond technical capabilities, strong mindset and great ability to solve problems.

3rd level: Scientist, senior enterprise architect, CTO

Most of the them are coming from the 2nd level who should be now part of the core management level. Of course, they should also have substantial income level and benefit.

Above these different levels of programmers, not only they have different level of knowledge, their differences can be observed in skill and thinking too. Usually, programmers who are unwilling to do one thing are because of having worried not able to achieve team goal or facing difficulty resulting little gain. Thus, regardless of which reason, if you are unwilling to do one thing, you will miss the opportunity to learn and grow, as time passes, others will grow and move on the next level whereas you will have no progress at all.

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