Generate absolute URLs in ASP.NET MVC

Sometimes it's easier to create relative URL in development using Url.Content("~/yourimage.png"). It seems to be quicker to code this way. However, there are times that I need to generate absolute URL for public facing websites where SEO matters. Quickly google "why absolute url matters in seo", there is quite a number of blogs or articles... Continue Reading →

How to become a manager?

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of any organization, for instance, manufacturing, marketing, operation and so no. Therefore, it is fair enough to conclude that technical experts have become an important factor for a company or organization success. Some technical experts would continue their effort as individual contributor according to their given roles or... Continue Reading →

How to improve as programmer?

In the wake of ever changing technology, there are still lot of new technical knowledge that programmers need to grasp. In short, it’s essential for programmers having this capability of quickly grasping new knowledge as it will determine their level of career development and outlook. The most important and fundamental skillset for programmers are learning... Continue Reading →

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